Advice on the Farr 7500

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Advice on the Farr 7500

Post by hoges1234 » Oct 5th, '20, 20:10

I have been considering buying either a Farr 7500 of a Sonata 26. I have read that the Sonata is not great offshore but I can't find any info on how capable the Farr is. I want a boat I can sail to Moreton Island and possibly offshore from Brisbane up the coast to Fraser and beyond. Advice?

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Re: Advice on the Farr 7500

Post by neilmac » Oct 7th, '20, 10:28

Hi Hoges

While I've never done it I am curious about the possibility of coastal sailing on a Farr 7500. My conclusion is that short coastal hops in good conditions are OK but still not for the faint hearted. Trailer sailers are really designed for "Protected Water" sailing. They are mostly narrow, light boats with lifting keels. Moreton Bay, Fraser Island would be OK as they do offer some protection. But Brisbane to Fraser Island by sea (6-7 days)..Nup. when you could trailer it up in 7 hours?

I have however corresponded with a kiwi guy who did quite a bit of coastal and offshore (Auckland to Chatam Island 1500k) in NZ in his Farr 75. He modified his keel so that it was always locked down or pinned (in case of inversion or being tumbled by a rogue wave) and he kept the boat on a mooring. He was a very experienced sailor.

Me. I will be happy to trailer my boat to do some short coastal hops (Whitsundays etc)
Neil M
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Re: Advice on the Farr 7500

Post by rseydler » Oct 7th, '20, 11:19

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