Electrical Hints.

Place for all of the tips, hints, and facts around the electrical and electronic stuff found around Trailer Sailers, Trailers, and associated vehicles.
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Electrical Hints.

Post by colect149 » Jul 12th, '20, 00:16

Lucas Electrics – an epitaph to Joseph Lucas
Joseph Lucas, “The Prince of Darkness”, well known to owners of British Classics
for his electrical genius. This is quite an unfair title, and really tends to highlight the
inability of most laymen, to comprehend the simple principles of an automotive
electrical system.
Forget all that nonsense about magnetic fields, and the flow of electrons along a conductor, for it is just that –
nonsense – a myth put about by Auto Electricians to support their lavish lifestyle at your expense. The reality is
SMOKE! When you think about it, it all becomes startlingly obvious. Something makes all electrical things
function. If smoke escapes, the component ceases to function. For instance, the last time you had to grovel
under your car to replace the starter motor, didn’t it start smoking just before it stopped working? Of course it did!
The wiring loom carries the smoke from one component to another, being pumped around the system by the
dynamo. When a wire springs a leak, it lets out all the smoke. Then everything stops. The starter motor requires
a lot of smoke to work properly, so it has a very thick wire to transmit the required amount.
The battery stores up lots of smoke, held in suspension by the battery acid, which is why they were once called
accumulators. That was until it became apparent that we home mechanics would twig to the secret. Naturally if
too much smoke is accumulated in the battery, it will escape through the little holes in the top - this is why the
new fangled sealed batteries tend to explode when they get too much smoke in them.
But why is Joseph Lucas so maligned? Why are Lucas components more likely to leak smoke than say, Bosch
or Delco? Because Lucas is British, and all British things always leak. British sports cars leak rain, British
engines leak oil, British hydraulic units leak fluid, British Governments leak military secrets, so naturally British
electricals leak smoke!
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Re: Electrical Hints.

Post by impulse » Jul 12th, '20, 09:04

What's that, I think you might have ASIO knocking on the door. :lol:
Cheers Robin.

Robin & Terry.
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Re: Electrical Hints.

Post by Davidjohn » Jul 12th, '20, 10:05

Another little-known fact about this great man: The only thing JL designed which worked properly was a vacuum cleaner - it REALLY sucked.
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