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NOR Pelican Race

Posted: Oct 16th, '21, 13:15
by Shaun@GTYC
Hello everyone hopefully we can get back to sailing this year to to sailing all going well and if COVID-19 restrictions allow us we GTYC will be hosting the 2021 Pelican Race.

When Saturday the 13th of November 2021

The Notice of Race is listed on our Pelican Race page link is below

Pelican Race Geelong

Entry in this race constitutes automatic entry into the Victorian Trailable Yacht & Sportsboat Traveller Series, at no additional cost.

Link to the the GTYC Pelican race page is provided below.
GTYC Pelican Race

Re: NOR Pelican Race

Posted: Oct 25th, '21, 13:22
by Wanton
Hi Shaun,

As you may know I sail with the Bayside Trailable Yacht Club. We are presently planning our sailing season with the first being on the 1st December. We too are concerned about complying with any Covid-19 rules. I am aware that Yachting Victoria also are working on the issue of compliance with Covid-19 rules. As at the time I am writing this post I have not seen any guidance from Yachting Victoria. Obviously still working on it. I have read both Schedule 1 and 2 of the Covid-19 CHO order, but I am still grappling with understanding what our activities will fall under. Definitely mostly outdoor events, except when we are having a meeting indoors. But as only members are participating in our events, they are not public events. So the outdoor public events restrictions may not apply, although we must maintain the density quotient as applies to persons per number of square meters, that I think is 1 sq. meter. I am thinking that if we try to encourage participants to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters apart, it should work. Another thing is vaccination. Most of us are now vaccinated, but some still remain unvaxed. What if anything is your club going to do about that? Does Yachting Victoria have guidance on vaccination requirements?

I sure would line some input into what clubs are doing about complying with living with the virus.

Re: NOR Pelican Race

Posted: Nov 6th, '21, 10:48
by Shaun@GTYC
Hi Wanton,
Yes the Covid-19 rules have been awkward to understand and follow at best at GTYC we have had very good local Government support and advice so have been able to do some sailing activities.
Now that we have opened up post cup weekend hopefully you have been able to participate in some sailing activities.

Certainly in and around the yacht club will be masks indoors and if the 1.5 metre distancing can’t be achieved masks will be required and checking in will be required. On the water and outdoors racing can be a strenuous task would advise skippers to keep the social distance rule in mind and most people now have been or are close to double vaccination makes thing easier.

Hope this helps Wanton.

Re: NOR Pelican Race

Posted: Nov 6th, '21, 10:52
by Shaun@GTYC
For those interested in sailing in the Pelican Race next Saturday the 13th of November the Sailing instructions have been posted.
Note there is a change to the coarse for divisions 1 & 2. The change is clearly marked in the sailing instructions