Vega 18 swing keel problem

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flying scotsman
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Vega 18 swing keel problem

Post by flying scotsman » Nov 4th, '09, 21:03

Hi Jax and Stu
I am very new to this trailer sailer game and have aproblem with the keel on my boat, ( or maybe they all do this :oops: )
When under sail and tacking the keel seems to slap from one side to the other and it is a bit disconserting.
Any help you can give would be great I am in Adelaide so if you know of anybody over here who can help that would be great too.

thanks a lot.
Flying Scotsman (Rob)

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Chapter Four
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Post by Chapter Four » Dec 2nd, '09, 13:01

Hi Rob,
You will need to post this in the general section to get more people to look at it.
Also include what type of boat you have, how old it is etc to give people an idea of what you are dealilng with.
Some boats have shims up around the keel bolt to stop the movement, it may also be that the keel bolt is worn. These sort of problems are normally specific to types of boats and someone else will have dealt with your problem before.
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