telescopic all electric mast and wrinkley sailing system

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telescopic all electric mast and wrinkley sailing system

Post by RICKCARR » May 25th, '09, 11:11

The telescopic electric wireless remote mast is now available from south coast shipwright services pl and can be shipped any where in Aus made to suit any trailer sailer For info or ask Rick on 0427822852.We also do repairs on masts, hulls,trailers and interiors .we are located at Gerringong NSW south coast. About 50k south of Wollongong.
a brief about how mast works;the mast is in two sectionsThe top section of mast is smaller and slides down inside the bottom section .the joint being just above spreaders .the top of the mast when mast is horizontal and still connected to the tabernacle or mast base just sticks out past the the pushpit and sits in the pushpit bracket or cradle a simple pin through the mast and the bracket secures the mast for the road.The raising and lowering can be done in 2mins by remote wireless control which controls two winches one in the mast base for sliding top mast out and in the trailer winch for raising and lowering The only rigging disconnected is the the bow fitting .The boom stays on the mast as well and is raised by halyard before lowering mast.
You dont have to be a buyer to give us a call we are shipwrights and can answer quite difficult questions if you cant get information or need help about boats we are trying to get more people on the water ,happy boating regards Rick carr .
Starting price $2500 -$5000 depending on your mast section and fittings email us for a quote !and brochure.Email
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Post by drikko » May 25th, '09, 13:29

Can't say I'm in the market for one, but am interested to know what it is! Why not post a few pictures here and a quick explanation of what it does and how it works?
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Post by Chapter Four » May 26th, '09, 09:40

I'm guessing you mean a telescopic mast support for lifting the mast up to make it easier when rigging the boat.
If not, a Telescopic Mast would be interesting to see :lol:
Price indications would also be nice to have here to get peoples interest.
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Post by oz4me » Dec 23rd, '09, 08:29

Rick must be a very busy man Seven months now and he still hasnt posted any pics of how this telescopic mast works. Even his less than helpful web page doesnt show anything

Maybe he is to busy working on his wrinkle sails to bother with prospective customers for he telescopic mast. Or maybe the steak knives didnt arrive???
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