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General Site Info

Post by RockMan » Oct 24th, '11, 13:17

Please take the time to read the following.

Creating a New Post:
Directly above each forum is the “New Thread” button simply click it type a subject that will describe in brief what you want to ask or say and then type your post in the box bellow. Use the preview button to see how your post will look on screen and when you’re happy with your new post hit the “Submit” button.

Asking Questions:
When posting a question try to proof read it from the perspective of someone who may be trying to answer it for you. It is very important to include as much information as you can possibly supply so that other forum members have what they need to properly answer your question. Some ideas of what to include; boat brand, length or model, type of keel or ballast, what model engine/transmission, sailing grounds etc. etc..

If you are asking a question about something broken please also let us know what, if any, trouble shooting steps you’ve already taken. For example, if your engine is over heating let us know that you replaced the injection elbow last winter and that you’ve already replaced the thermostat. Again, the more info the better.


This is a poor way to ask a question:

Can I tow my boat with my car?

Here’s how you might want to ask that same question:

I have a 1999 Castle mounted on a triple axle trailer. The boat weighs about 1500kg with gear and as near as I can tell the trailer about 350kg. The tow rating on my 2004 Ford Explorer is about 2500kg. I don’t have a transmission cooler or the factory trailer tow package but do have a class three hitch and electric trailer brakes. Do you guys think I’ll be ok towing my boat 800km to Lake Catchabreeze without a transmission cooler in January heat?

Please Read the Original Post:
Often folks come into a thread at the end and never read the original post that started it. It’s quite common for threads to wander after 5, 10, 15 or 20 responses and as such if you did not read the original post you will be doing a disservice to the thread by causing further wandering off of the original topic. It’s not necessary to read the entire thread, though it is a very good practice, but please make every attempt to at the least read the original post and to stay on topic.

Archive Threads and Old Threads:
There is a huge wealth of information in the archives here and it's always wise to search the archives before posting a question. If your question is an easy one the chances are it’s been answered many, many times and your answer will be quickly found searching for key words. Rather than reviving an old thread to answer a question, consider guiding others to the thread via a hyper link to where you found the answer.

Thread Hijacking:
It happens, and it’s not the end of the world when it does, but please do try and refrain from hijacking a thread. If the OP asked “Which weight diesel oil should I use on my 1987 Universal M-25 engine, with 2000 hours, straight 30 weight or a 15W 40?” please try to keep on topic. If you see a response from a guy who keeps his boat in your marina try not to respond in the thread with; “Hey Joe will you be down at the marina tomorrow and can you help me bend on my new genny?”. Sure, it happens, but if we all try to avoid hijacking TSP will be a better source. Clean threads mean clean archives, so keeping threads on topic makes for easier searching in the future.

Multiple Personalities or Screen Names:
Please refrain from using multiple screen names or registering more than once on this site. Generally speaking you fool nobody by creating two or more personalities for the sake of being an instigator. Please keep in mind that the new forum software format allows the admins to see each and every posters IP address. Please chose only one screen personality and name then stick to it.

Attitudes/Flames & Trolls:

Please check your attitudes at the door. This is sailing, easy to learn, nearly impossible to ever master. Many members here have 35, 40 even 45+ years on the water experience yet not one of them knows everything there is to know. They would also be the first to admit that they’ll never master this sport.

Keep in mind that for 90% of the topics here there is no one single definitive right answer. There are going to be disagreements about lots of things, from what the best anchor is, to how to wire your house bank of batteries, to who the best sail maker is. The best answers are ones with data, sources, photos, and links to further reading on the subject.

If you disagree with a particular posters response or suggestions do your home work and present your point of view with the evidence, photos or links you’ve collected. Personal attacks, name calling, and bad attitudes are not within the scope of TSP forum use.

We can all have opinions, differing or not, but we must do our best to keep TSP civil and welcoming to all. At the end of each thread hopefully we’ve been able to take a little bit of knowledge from each and every poster.

If you have a problem with a specific poster's attitude, flaming, name calling, or you suspect a "troll," please report it to one of the mods or click the little red “Report Post” flag to the left of the post and under the users screen name. Please do your part to keep TSP civil.

Ghost Threads:

A ghost thread is when a member posts a question then never checks back in. If you posted a question please pay the other members the courtesy of checking back in and do give us an update. You may consider subscribing to the thread so you are notified of new replies. Please also let us know what fixed the problem or resolved your question. Hearing an answer to a problem gives a nice finish to a thread and adds to the archive database nicely.

Commercial Interests

Please avoid linking to your commercial web site or peddling your wares here.
If you are in the marine trades full disclosure is the right thing to do. Posting your title or what you do in your signature is sufficient enough. If for instance you are a marine surveyor please state that in your signature or in your post. Whether you work for Lewmar, an anchor manufacturer, a sail maker, or a yacht broker, full disclosure helps avoid misunderstandings or worse.

For Sale / Wanted:
Please do not post items for sale or link to them in the general forums, whether you are an interested party or not. Post themse in the For Sale section.
Please do not post the same message to multiple forums within TSP. This is fairly self-explanatory. The administrators will move posts to their correct forum.

Personal Data:
You do not have to register here with your real name, phone number, address or any other personal data you don’t want to share. This means a screen name is acceptable for use. Some are comfortable with sharing their personal data and others are not, so please respect each members comfort level and choices for sharing personal information.

If you see an obvious spam post use the “Report Post” flag and report it immediately.

Avoid un-linked "hot linking":
What? Huh? Hot linking a photo is where you post an image that does not belong to you by using the [Img] tag. Hot linking to a photo that is not yours should always be accompanied by an actual link to that site or and credit given to the photos owner. Saving a picture into your own personal Picasa Web, Photobucket , Smugmug, pBase etc. and posting it is perfectly fine as they are your photos and it's your bandwidth.

If you do "hot link" to a picture from another site, say for a product, you might try looking for that product and picture first in a chandlery. As in the example bellow;

Hi guys what winch handles do you like?

I've been using the Titan Floating handles and they are available right here from xyz boating.

Titan floating winch handle from xyz $36.00 (LINK)

Why is hot linking not such a good idea? When you hot link you are using that site's bandwidth. If you are promoting their site, the vendor won't generally mind but if you just "hot link" or "borrow" a photo to make a point that's kind of unfair to the folks paying for that band width. Please be polite about your "hot linking".

Please make use of the signature option. It would be very nice if all registered users would please do the following:

Creating A Signature

Click on:
"Edit Your Profile" (upper left of the message board pane)
Then below the words:

"Control Panel"
Click on:
"Edit Signature or Create Signature"
Then scroll down to where you enter your info and create a signature. Please include the following:
-Screen name
-Your Cruising Area (general area where you sail)
-Boat Manufacturer
-Boat Year
-Boat Length or model

Then click:
"Save Signature"

Next click on:
"Edit Forum Prefs"
Then scroll down to the box that says:
"Thread Display Options"
Now make sure the box for "Show Signature" is checked and you're done.

It's not necessary to know your name, job, birth date or any of the other info that does not pertain to the regular slew of questions posted on these forums, so your privacy is not at risk. The name of your boat is not even important. Having this info in your signature makes it easy for others to answer your questions.

By adding this info it will be much easier for members to answer questions that pertain to particular cruising areas, specific boat models etc. etc..

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