New member intro plus a question about which sailboat to get

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Re: New member intro plus a question about which sailboat to

Post by Furstin » Aug 24th, '17, 23:47

CaptainFeatherSword wrote:I have been looking at a few boats and still haven't found the perfect one. As a short term measure I invested in a dinghy. I'm still looking for the perfect 18-20 foot cruiser but for now the Northbridge Junior will do :-)
Now that's something you can up size from... :-)
Can a man sail an nj?


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Re: New member intro plus a question about which sailboat to

Post by CaptainFeatherSword » Aug 28th, '17, 22:55

I sailed it this morning. Yes, it is very small. All went well with the exception of the hull taking on some water. The aft starboard quarter has a little damage. Ply delaminating and gunwale kind of separating. I need to decide on how to repair this. I understand there are various schools of thought. Hard non flexible epoxy vs something flexible like Sika flex. I will probably screw where possible with stainless screws and leave them in. What do people recommend?

I'm assuming the boat is from the sixties or seventies (sail number NJ173) but would anybody know the age of this nice little Northbridge Junior Dinghy instead of me just guessing it's age? Cheers.


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Re: New member intro plus a question about which sailboat to

Post by elscotto » Aug 29th, '17, 16:38

CaptainFeatherSword wrote:The Haines Hunter Tramp looks good. I can see how they would be great to cruise on. I have never seen one in real life, but will certainly be looking out for them from now on. What are their main pros and cons? Are they easier or harder to setup/rig? Do they have any sort of keel that moves? Or rather no keel and therefore shallow draft all the time? Are they faster than a comparable single hull trailer sailer sloop? Thanks for the suggestion!

It takes me about 40 minutes from trailer to water, and the mast of a standard tramp can be raised solo easily. I have lifted a supertramp mast but was quite a bit heavier.
No keel, just a centreboard that swings up. About a foot and a bit draft with cb up.
Type "Haines Hunter Tramp trimaran" into YouTube and you will see some video of mine and others. I have a video of setting it up as well that was done a few years ago.

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Re: New member intro plus a question about which sailboat to

Post by zebedee » Aug 29th, '17, 17:46

If I had a suitable jetty at the bottom of the garden I think a Tramp (look, here's another one!) would be a very tempting toy. Or a Flying Fifteen. And, ahh, can I just have one of each please? And a bigger jetty?

I think one several of these might be called for too, for my hypothetical "jetty at the bottom of the garden", if not for your actual one:

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