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Post by Petermat » Apr 24th, '17, 19:33

Hi everyone recently purchased a Cole 23 in Melbourne and dragged it back to Berry, NSW.
I don't have any experience with yachts, in fact my only contact with sailing was in the early '80's when I built a Mosquito 16' Catamaran off plans purchased from their Association.
I enjoyed the building project and the sailing was thrilling. Sailing one handed with just a Cat rig most of the time but occasionally raising the jib when experienced crew came my way and then she nearly flew with 2 on the wires it was exhilarating.

Since I was 16 after coming across a book of Hartley Plans I have had dreams of building a Hartley TS now at 66 I realised A good solid fibreglass TS would suit me better than a long build project and maybe little time at the conclusion to enjoy it.

As I Said I no nothing about yachts and the boat I bought was purchased as a project then some happy times on the water and with that in mind I purchased well.

Looking forward to conversing with other Cole Owners. Peter

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Post by sailboatmike » Apr 24th, '17, 20:16

Hi Peter and welcome, good luck with your Cole, looking forward to updates
Cheers Mike
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Post by zebedee » Apr 24th, '17, 21:27

You claim to be a novice, but if you surveyed our members, I doubt more than a very small handful have actually built a boat, even if it was half a lifetime ago! Ask lots of questions and go looking at other people's boats at every opportunity so you can steal their good ideas!
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Post by Lofty » Apr 25th, '17, 07:25

Welcome Peter. I've found the forum full of great content and wonderful people who have a wealth of knowledge.

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Re: New Member Intro

Post by Slammin » Apr 25th, '17, 15:44

2 up on the wires, now you're just bragging. Lol. Welcome to TSP.

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New Jarcat owner

Post by Johny » Jul 25th, '17, 14:55

Hi everyone. I am in Melbourne and have just purchased a Jarcat6 Trailer Sailer Catamaran.
It's a 6.5 meter trailerable (obviously) Cat that was built from plans in Perth. Never been launched.
I've been lurking on this forum and have already gleaned some great info/tips.
I'm currently chasing Insurance and Storage as I can't have it at home for more than a few days at a time (on the front lawn).
It should be coming over to Melbourne from Perth at the start of September.
I'm a bit of a novice having sailed a 16 foot wooden hulled beast 40 odd years ago.
I re-caught the sailing bug after chartering a bareboat on the Whitsundays in 2014.
I'm reading lots and should have some good support here from a Jarcat owner that I have already met.
Have yet to get my marine and radio license.
Other half is NOT a keen sailer but is prepared to go along with my new-found interest if it's "safe"!
Our target is to be confident with the boat for a Whitsundays re-visit in mid 2019.
Any other Jarcatters or Catamarans?
I've also joined the Jarcat yahoo list.
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