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New Member introduction

Post by Jacana » Jul 10th, '13, 03:07

Hi everyone,

Nice to meet you, I'm Shannon, male, 34, Perth WA and a new owner of Jacana, a Noelex 25 (BB936), which has been fitted out for extended cruising by its last owner, who has had some remarkable adventures and experiences sailing in the Kimberly with her. Im new to sailing, my only experiences have been on hobbycats, and Ive just got my skippers ticket. Im still learning the ropes, ( I can tie a bowline, clove hitch and reef knot tho!) and plan to integrate sailing and cruising as a major part of my life from now onwards. To be honest, I havent even raised the mast on this boat yet, as there are a number of steps involved, just launched, motoring and exploring the Swan River, anchored for the night and retreived. I understand the theory in sailing but need practical experience. I would be very happy for anyone who needs crew or can help teach me the practical sailing of Jacana who has the time to help. The yacht has been meticulously looked after and upgraded and there are many systems onboard which im still learning to use. Thank you and I look forward to reading your messages and chatting.

My email is if anyone wishes to email me. It would be also great to meet any sailors also in Perth to team up with!!

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Re: New Member introduction

Post by sailboatmike » Jul 10th, '13, 06:56

Hi Shannon and welcome

Quiet a few here from WA and a few Nolex owners brains to pick to get you started
Cheers Mike
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