Mooring share request - Adelaide area

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Mooring share request - Adelaide area

Post by Rumsail » Jul 29th, '11, 17:07

Hi all,

I am looking into the option of sharing a mooring with other trailer sailor(s) in the Adelaide area. I don't want to leave Talisman in the water for more than a few weeks at a time, and want the ability to venture on road trips away when work commmitments allow. But I would like to have her in the water for short periods so that I can jump onboard with the family for short local sails and get my two young boys used to being onboard.

The kind of arrangement I am thinking of would be to rent a berth for the year and agree a timeshare 2 weeks on 2 weeks off (or similar) in advance; with equal share of the costs.

Ideally, I would be interested in something at North Haven or Port Adelaide - but would consider anything within 2 hrs or so from Adelaide.

Perhaps someone knows of a marina property with an owner wishing to sub let a vacant mooring?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Talisman, Farr 7500

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