Sandgate - Cabbage Tree Creek

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Sandgate - Cabbage Tree Creek

Post by rseydler » Nov 9th, '10, 21:35

1 Where is the ramp?- Opposite the golf course, next to QCYC.

2- Surface and slope- concrete or dirt? - Concrete ramp with pontoon down the middle of the ramp.

3 -How many lanes? 4 lanes but only 2 are really usable for FG boats.

4- Beach or rocks on the edges? rocks, hence the pontoon down the middle.

5- Jetty available? Can you walk boat to the jetty? Pontoon down the middle of the ramp, dry feet launching and landing.

6- Whats the car parking like? Many spaces? On street? sh*tloads of parking. Car parks are full trailer/car length.

7- Lighting? Any info on security? Area is well lit at night and carpark is large and contains the usual teenage "honey mooners". There are also well maintained public toilets and a porta potti empty facility.

8- Does it get crowded on the weekends? It's certainly busier on the weekends but still not what I'd call crowded. The swing around to line up with the pontoon at low tide can be a little tight as the creek is pretty filled with moored boats and the QCYC fingers.

9- Any other information available, like exposure to prevailing wind and waves. It's a nice 5 minute run down the creek before you are spat out into Moreton Bay. Watch out for the sail powered boats trying to get out of the creek as it is pretty narrow and the channel markers ARE the edge of the mud flats.

If your a beginner stick to the nudgee or pelican park ramps as there is no beach option here.

There is also nowhere to "park" the boat while you are waiting for pontoon access as the tidal flow can be very strong and the confined space can make handling a T/S interesting.

Upstream of the ramp the creek is very narrow and lined with trawlers on the starboard side. Nudgee is much wider and provides plenty of room for handling.

The pontoons run basically north west/south east which means that prevailing NE and SE winds blow you sideways onto the pontoon or towards the ramp.

There is a large rig up (before ramp) area and rig down (after ramp) area and if you have a long enough hose you can even freshwater wash the boat down before leaving.


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