Spell Checking

Topic to show members how to use the functions that the site provides when adding a new post. Also a few rules on what NOT to do.
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Spell Checking

Post by Cruiser » Oct 11th, '12, 10:58

I cannot figure out how to spell check my posts - short of copying into to word, spell checking, and then copying back to the forum. A past thread under the 'Site Improvements' sub forum
once talked about using the spell checker in the web browser to check spelling. I use IE8 but cannot for the life of me see anything that looks like a spell checker (my son of course says 'that serves you right for using Microsoft' :o - which of course is what helpful teenage sons do say :) ). Can anyone point me in the right direction here for spill chickin?
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Re: Spell Checking

Post by Tymadman » Oct 11th, '12, 14:24



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