A way to shrink images for Windows users

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A way to shrink images for Windows users

Post by Tez » Apr 1st, '12, 15:41

Modern Digital Cameras are a wonderful thing - they take extremely high resolution images - but at the cost of file size.
Our (I think) 10 Mega-pixel camera typically generates images between 3000 - 4000 kb in size.

Currently TSP will only accept images up to 160 kb in size and so, posting an image to TSP involves two problems.
  • Making a copy of your lovely hi-res image, but small enough for TSP to manage
  • Posting it to the discussion group.
I'm going to try to show how this can be achieved in the Windows Environment.

The first part of the problem is to create a copy of your image small enough for TSP to manage.
I use the Windows "Paint" program to do this - there are many other ways it can be done, but "Paint" is simple enough and usually present on most Windows computers by default.
Step 1 - Find and open the "Paint" program. - (It's usually tucked away in the Start Menu under Accessories).
If you're using Windows 7 it will look like this:
Paint7.jpg (104.45 KiB) Viewed 1807 times
If you're using Windows XP it will look like this:
PaintXP.JPG (55.36 KiB) Viewed 1807 times
Step 2 - Using the File/Open menu option, locate and load your image into the 'Paint' program (Typically you will only see the top left-hand corner of your image)
Step 3 - Click on the "re-size" tool (Windows XP users go to the menu option "Image" and select "Stretch/Skew")
and put in a smaller value. - I find I need to scale my images down to about 20% but how much is dependent on the resolution of the original image, and how complex the image is...
Paint7-2.jpg (127.88 KiB) Viewed 1807 times
Then hit OK :
Paint7-3.jpg (111.33 KiB) Viewed 1807 times
Step 4 - use the SAVE AS option to call your new image some other name - you don't want to overwrite you nice hi-res image with something low-res you're making for TSP! :wink:
Paint7-4.jpg (122.57 KiB) Viewed 1807 times
I use a convention where I save the image back to the same location I got it from, as the same name, but with an 'a' on the end... Then I can tell immediately that it is a 'variant' of the original... (also, if I make other changes, I save them off as 'b', 'c', 'd',...) So I always still have the original image. i.e. my revised 'img_8765.jpg' is saved as 'img_8765a.jpg'.

But you can call it whatever you like 'xxxxx-small' or 'xxxxx-tiny' or 'xxxxx-tsp'.... :)

So now you have your original unadulterated, huge, hi-res image on your PC, and you also have a smaller version under 160kb in size. You can see the size of an image from Windows Explorer if you 'hover' your mouse over it in Windows 7, or if you right click on it and go to 'properties' in XP

Read on, about how to add that image into your TSP thread...

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Re: A way to shrink images for Windows users

Post by AndyP » Apr 1st, '12, 16:19

IF you have outlook, you can just right click, send to email and it will ask you if you want to resize. When the new image is attached to the email, just right click "save attachement" Thats the way I do it. Not sure if it works with outlook express.

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