Dot points and numbered lists

Topic to show members how to use the functions that the site provides when adding a new post. Also a few rules on what NOT to do.
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Dot points and numbered lists

Post by zebedee » Mar 29th, '12, 01:20

Cruiser wrote:Have just purchased one of the 2.8L S/S kettles from Aldi.
  • Very thick walls - 0.6mm
  • Reasonably well balanced from a handling point of view
  • Broad base for stability
  • 18/8 S/S
  • Cheap at $24.95
  • Heavy at a bit over 1kg
  • Whistle not very loud (some may think that is good)
And last, but most importantly, I just cracked the code on how the bullet point thingy works on this forum!! (after 1/2 an hour of trying) :) :)
  1. Quick!
  2. Write us a demo page for the "How to do stuff - Quotes, Editing, Deleting etc" section!
  3. Remember to include dot points!
  4. (Numbering works the same btw)
(You don't need to hit enter after each sentence, the [*] starts a new line)

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