Joint B.T.Y.C. & M.T.Y.C. Cruising Adventures

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Joint B.T.Y.C. & M.T.Y.C. Cruising Adventures

Post by Wanton » Dec 29th, '15, 16:44

Discussions have been held and agreement reached between the Bayside Trailable Yacht Club (B.T.Y.C.) and the Melbourne Trailable Yacht Club (M.T.Y.C.) to permit our members to participate in each others cruises.

In order to enhance our respective members' ability to enjoy cruising adventures at a variety of times and destinations, this agreement with the M.T.Y.C. allows our clubs to share each other’s cruising calendars. The B.T.Y.C. cruising calendars will be distributed to M.T.Y.C. members with an invitation for them to participate in our cruising activities. Reciprocally the M.T.Y.C. cruising calendar has now been distributed to our members with a similar invitation to B.T.Y.C. members to join with the M.T.Y.C. in one or more of their cruises. This will enhance the range of cruising destinations for our respective members. Naturally this will also mean that we will meet and enjoy the company of more like-minded people on the water.

We also hope to reach a similar arrangement with other TS yacht clubs. The idea is to provide as many opportunities as possible for members to go sailing.

The Cruising calendar can be found on the BTYC web site from today.
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