Adhesive to suit wood to wood

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Re: Adhesive to suit wood to wood

Post by pdandy » Mar 24th, '18, 12:18

bachus wrote:
I still prefer butyl tape though - one roll will last a lifetime.
Mostly because I can't find it.
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Re: Adhesive to suit wood to wood

Post by bachus » Mar 24th, '18, 13:09

Off topic . .

Where I take note of places I put things then no issue on finding again but the danger is when I put something down without taking any particular attention and or put something in a really “sensible” location. - well it was sensible at the time - then I am in trouble. Yes the double side tape I can find it :-)

Now as for the emergency food stores in the boat . . . . hmmm . . .
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Re: Adhesive to suit wood to wood

Post by SimonP » Mar 29th, '18, 22:04

Butyl mastic. Waterproof, lasts forever and has a consistency like Blu Tack, so you can always take it apart in years to come
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Re: Adhesive to suit wood to wood

Post by Tinggu » Mar 29th, '18, 22:23

Selleys do a butyl mastic in a caulking tube. I've used fro years on all sortsa stuff, most recently on our caravan. Skins over but always softish. Same or different?
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