Safe travelling to MPONR

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Safe travelling to MPONR

Post by MoodyBlue » Mar 9th, '18, 09:49

All of our TSP members travelling to Marlay point.

Please be aware of the width of your boat and trailer load as there has already been an accident overnight where a TS drifted out of his lane and sideswiped a Captiva going the other direction.

This could have destroyed a TS or even killed some one, so please take care.


Jeff (MoodyBlue)
TSP Administrator
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Re: Safe travelling to MPONR

Post by Bligh » Mar 9th, '18, 13:06

I used to contract for the TAC, about 75% of my work came from Xmas and Easter and most of the remainder from long weekends.
Please heed Jeffs' message.
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