Your motivation for doing the 50th Marlay ...

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Your motivation for doing the 50th Marlay ...

Post by MelN » Mar 2nd, '18, 13:39

I thought this might be an interesting thread to start a week before the big event.
Would love to hear from everyone who is participating this year (note I didn't use the word racing, but I want to hear from dedicated racers too!) ..

My motivation ...

Has been seriously lacking if I'm honest. I have been ill and off work and everything seems a bit hard. I haven't competed since 2012 (Mum died in April that year, followed by Dad in 2014; I nursed both at home) sailing mojo seemed to go with them when they left.

I finally decided I couldn't bear to miss this iconic event and the opportunity to sail in probably the largest fleet I will be part of in my lifetime.

My dad was a powerboat dealer in Gippsland so I grew up on the Gippsland Lakes. Dad even supplied the start boat to LWYC in the race's glory days in the 80's; so, along with my mum and dad, I have been surrounded by 600+ trailer sailers on the water, then left behind after the gun went off.

So, this year I won't be left behind ... well, I probably WILL be left behind by the majority of the fleet, but hopefully I'll get beyond the start line! :shock:

I'll be sailing with my husband and son, with the spirit of my mum and dad along for the ride.

What about you? Why are YOU sailing? x
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Re: Your motivation for doing the 50th Marlay ...

Post by mob » Mar 2nd, '18, 14:42

My Dad did the race in 1976 with his brother, when our boat was just a set of plans and a bag of brand new sails from Hong Kong. Neither of us were interested in racing, although he regrets never getting a medallion for the bulkhead. This seems to be a good year to get one for him, but I'm participating not competing also.

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Re: Your motivation for doing the 50th Marlay ...

Post by MargGannet » Mar 2nd, '18, 18:43

Have been attached to the lakes for many years, and when I bought a TS 16 around 1990 realised that at last I had a boat I could do the MPONR in. My first race was in 1991 and we raced regularly in the 90s, 3 races in the Hartley, then 3 in the Boomerang 20 before life got in the way for a year or 3. During that time we had a DNS and a DNF also. Did several races in the Sonata 7 before more recent races in the Noelex and lots of light air! Looks like about 16 attempts and 9 finishes (medals!)
I was hoping to replicate that first crew this year, but not to be. Still it will be nice to have more company with 200+ boats. :-) The first race I did was over 300 boats. Was great. Having done the 25th how could I not do the 50th also.
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Re: Your motivation for doing the 50th Marlay ...

Post by pete h » Mar 3rd, '18, 16:40

Sorry to hear that you have been unwell and hope that you are on the mend.

I am doing the Marlay Point this year at my sons request. Sailing not racing, we probably have the slowest boat ever, but it is a pretty little thing.
We did ten in a row from the mid seventies. My son was seventeen I think when we did the last one, he's now fifty and I suspect he thinks that if we are ever going to another, it better be soon. He hasn't sailed since his last MPONR in 1984 I think. My wife has never done one and she is coming along mainly to keep an eye on us.
We will try not to get in anyone's way, our goals are to finish, have some fun and stay safe.
I have always been interested in this event, I always thought I might do one more, being the 50th and having the "kid" keen, this year seems to be it.

Cheers and fair winds to all.
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Re: Your motivation for doing the 50th Marlay ...

Post by Pipalini » Mar 4th, '18, 17:51

When my father bought "Double Happiness" a Sonata 7 near the end of 2006 we had pretty minimal sailing experience. A friend of mine had done a Marlay point with his Uncle on an Elliot 7 a few years earlier and said that we should do the Marlay Point Overnight Race because it was the biggest trailer sailer event in the country. So the 2007 race was our first.

That first year was a sea breeze across Lake Wellington before it turned into a drifter for the rest of the night... in hindsight we should have boiled the Kranskys in the straights rather than across Wellington! We finished a respectable mid fleet (well towards the back) and had so much fun there was no way we would miss it the following year. Back in 2008 and we finished 3rd last, but again we had a ball.

Since getting the Castle in 2010 I have treated the race more seriously but we have always managed to have some laughs along the way! I have done a handful of races with my Father, but not we compete against each other (he sails his Clubman 8).

Why do I do it? I can't think of any good reason why NOT to do it. My thoughts are that is you own a trailable yacht, this is the best opportunity to sail the beautiful Gippsland Lakes, at night, with hundreds of like minded people!
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Re: Your motivation for doing the 50th Marlay ...

Post by ray on the bay » Mar 6th, '18, 14:15

I have just sent a note to the email address to announce this year we will be competing as a scouting entry. My Crew will be made up of Venturers and Rovers aged between 15 & 20 y/o

During the race, we will blog on some scouts facebook pages our progress through the race.

My crew are already experienced in trailer sailing, and most have already done the MOPNR once or twice, but in those races - the weather dropped right out and one time, the course was shortened :(

We are hoping the race this year will have favourable winds, and the forecast on Meteye looks good at this early stage.

What motivates me to do this?

I think it is a good opportunity to promote adventurous activities to young people, and for them to have opportunity to make achievements, win or lose. The MPONR 50th will be an event of a lifetime for them.

Posting our journey to the wider scouting community may encourage others to look beyond off the beach boats, and perhaps throw down the gauntlet for other future young competitors.
I read regularly that we have a ageing sport - we need to encourage our youth, and this is one step I can make towards this.

If you see us at the start, or somewhere on course over the weekend, cheer on the young lads
If you see other young crew, they should also be cheered on.

I can't wait - hope to see you all there

Cheers, Ray :)
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