Chartplotter mounting

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Pirate Pete
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Chartplotter mounting

Post by Pirate Pete » Feb 11th, '18, 12:05

I picked up a Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 55cv Chartplotter/fish finder unit, but before I cut a large hole in my boat, I wanted to seek opinion on mounting options. My current layout shows the broken speed and depth instrument displays and the old chart plotter I plan to remove. As the new device doesn't mount the same as the existing chartplotter, I'd planned to flush mount the new device in the area of the two old grey speed and depth instruments. Then last night I noticed on another Austral 24 they had their chart plotter on a swing arm, mounted to one of the pop top lift arms.

Advantages of the swing mount:
  • I think the swing arm would be more secure from theft when the boat is locked up
  • Viewable whilst inside the cabin (for monitoring anchor dragging etc)
  • Not obscured by excess sheets, rope tidy
  • No large whole in the boat, and
  • Chartplotter less exposed to the weather (although it does have a cover).
  • Obstruction in the companionway, and
  • If conditions require the splash board installed (single piece tinted perspex/acrylic for mine), visibility of the chartplotter would be significantly reduced.
Have I missed any considerations from those with either setup from previous experience? Does anyone know where swing mounts similar to that can be sourced from?
Swing mount sized.jpeg
Swing mount example
Current layout sized.jpeg
Current instrument layout

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Re: Chartplotter mounting

Post by bachus » Feb 11th, '18, 17:17

I was in a similar situation when I bought Mystic - an old Tracker plotter mounted in the cabin bulkhead. Remove it and I have a hole - as you will have when you remove the old instruments - hence I suppose why they are still there. So I bought a used Garmin 551S sounder/plotter. It is now mounted in the hole vacated by the old Tracker. Some extra cutting required - same as for you I think.

So some points.
Visibility in direct sun is very very good - Garmin are the best in this respect
Security - well I doubt it can be removed - the clamp behind the plotter is very rugged
Security - it could be vandalised
Weather - it is in the weather all the time - no cover and no issue over two years - noting it was also second hand when I bought it.
Yes - sheets and halyards get in the way of the screen but not a major issue
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Re: Chartplotter mounting

Post by Jon » Feb 13th, '18, 14:22

I have a Garmin 45DV mounted on the right hand side of the companionway over an existing old hole.

If I did it again I would make it on a swinging mount shadowed by the hatch. With polarized sunglasses I have to be directly in line with the display to read it. Even turning my head 90 degrees or lifting my sunnies I can't read it in the QLD sun if I'm offset from the display.

In confined waters I find I have to duck to the stbd side regulary or get someone to read the display for me.

The positives of the flush mount is it doesn't catch lines.

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Re: Chartplotter mounting

Post by Junket » Feb 14th, '18, 04:15

Hiya, I recycled an old music stand, apiece of board and some pvc to make my swing mount. ... =2&t=14077

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