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[quote="zebedee"]How to do quotes[/quote]

Post by zebedee » Jul 6th, '15, 14:16

OK, we've been having a spot of bother with both excessive quoting and broken quotes lately.

Excessive quoting:
Feel free to quote where it helps make your post clearer, BUT:
  • If you're responding to the previous post, quoting is rarely needed, just use "reply" instead.
  • If you're responding to the post 3 back, using a brief quote of the key point(s) may help make it clearer who and what you're responding to.
  • Try to quote the bit you're answering, not the entire post and especially not all 17 images.
  • Please remove embedded videos (youtube) and embedded googlemaps from posts you quote.
  • If you're asking about or responding to several points, it often pays to quote and respond to each part in turn.
  • If you're about to quote a post which quotes a previous post, ask yourself if we need to see the original post a third time?
  • And if you're about to try to quote a quoted quote, you'll find the system won't even let you quote that many layers down.

Broken quotes:
I've been patching up incomplete quote codes on quite a few posts recently so that the posts display as the writers intended. I don't know how many were simply typos, where key bits got chopped off in the editing, and how many were confusion about how the quote code works, so Jeff asked me to write some instructions:
MoodyBlue wrote:Zeb, you interested in drafting up a "How to use and NOT use Quotes"?
You can click "quote" instead of "reply" below a post to include the entire post within quote codes, then remove the bits you don't need (Including pictures).
To separate individual quoted paragraphs with your own comments, you can simply type the codes in as shown above, here's a screen dump of what this post looks like in the editing window:
If you want to quote bits of different earlier posts, you can scroll down to them below the edit window and click on "quote" in the ones you want to quote. But I find it easier just to type in the required [codes] [/codes] and copy/paste in the bits you want to quote.
You can even leave out who wrote the quote, as shown in this quote.
You can click "Preview" instead of "Submit" to see if you got what you were trying to do before you commit your words to public display.
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