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Not getting notification

Post by OldNick » Mar 11th, '07, 11:26

I think this is where I should post this.

I have asked to be notified of replies on the forums, but although I have had several replies to a post, this has not occurred. Some forums seem to do this, others not.

Thanks and sorry for griping. I am happy yo come back and chek, bu there may be a problem.

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Post by RockMan » Mar 11th, '07, 20:05


When you add a post to the forum, there is a little box at the bottom that says "Notify me when a reply is posted". If you put a cross in this box you will receive an email when somebody adds another post to the topic.

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Post by Guest » Mar 18th, '07, 16:11

Hehe! Sorry for the late reply.....I did not get notified <GG>

Seriously. Thanks for the reply. I really did not see a notification. However, I did tick always notify in my profile,.

I _think_ what may be happeneing is that my junk filter sees some of these notifies as junk...but not others! I have received not's for some replies. Weird. I have now placed the forum in my allowed list...we shall see


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