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Posting pictures - using Picasa Web Albums

Post by Boomer » Aug 24th, '07, 19:41

Thought I would post up a tutorial on how to post pictures from a Picasa Web Album.

Picasa (from Google) is a very good free picture organiser. I have found that Picasa is very easy to use and not overloaded like many other programs of this sort.

Picasa also lets you upload your pictures to a Picasa Web Album, which is a free picture hosting service.
However actually putting links to your pictures into a forum message, so the picture appears in the message, is a little fiddly.

Here goes:

First of all, select you picture(s) in Picasa and then hit the Web Album button.
You will then be asked for the name of the album to put your picture(s) in and the upload size. I would suggest "Optimized"
After the picture(s) have uploaded hit the "View Online" button which will open a window to the Web Album site.

Now select the picture which you want to appear in a post, then select the "Link to this Photo" on the right:
Now click on the "select size" option and choose Large:
Now click in the field called "HTML to embed in a web site" and the text should be highlighted:

Now hit Ctrl-C on the keyboard or right click and Copy to "copy" the text into the "clipboard"

Now go to the topic on the forum which you are posting to and "paste" the text by hitting Ctrl-V on the keyboard or right-click and paste.

You will see text like this:
<a href="http://blahblahblahblah"><img src="http://my_picture.jpg" /></a>

Part of this text contains what we need to see the picture in the post, it is the http://my_picture.jpg - we dont need this stuff <a href="http://blahblahblahblah"><img src="......" /></a>

So delete all that stuff and you should be left with http://my_picture.jpg

To make this visible in a message, add the IMG tags before and after like this:

[ img ] http://my_picture.jpg [ /img ]

Note that I used spaces with the [ img ] tag to make them visible - the spaces should not be used!

Here is a real picture from my web album:

This is the text:
<a href=" ... 5586"><img src=" ... 040002.JPG" /></a>

Here is the edited text (spaces added):
[ img ] ... 040002.JPG[ /img ]

And here is the picture!

Boomaroo 22 "Solaris"

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