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PM Outbox vs Sent

Posted: Jul 14th, '07, 11:04
by IanB
In the messages page:
I am wondering what is the difference between an "Outbox" and a "Sent" box, when there is no "Send and Receive" facility?

Posted: Jul 14th, '07, 14:19
by RockMan
Not sure - i have one message in my outbox - maybe the outbox shows message that have not been sent successfully? All my other messages sent are in the sent items folder.

Posted: Aug 8th, '07, 16:16
by IanB
I am beginning to think that messages in the outbox are ones which have not been read by the recipient.

Posted: Aug 9th, '07, 13:36
by Mistral

I think it is the same as in Outlook. In the Outbox are e-mails that have not been sent. Double click on the e-mail and do a resend. They could be sitting there, because you logged out before it was sent.


Posted: Oct 2nd, '08, 09:47
by Tropic Bird
Did Anyone figure out why the messages are sitting in the outbox, Ive tried to sent 2 now and they are both in the outbox. There dosent seem anyway to resend.


Posted: Oct 2nd, '08, 10:18
by drikko
yep, they stay in the outbox until the intended recipient actually looks at them ie it's different to Outlook.

Once the reader reads it, it heads on across to the sent box.

Posted: Oct 2nd, '08, 11:16
by Tropic Bird
Thanks Drikko, A bit different to Outlook