Re-Antifoul or 2 Pack Paint

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Re-Antifoul or 2 Pack Paint

Post by kbmanufacturing » Feb 3rd, '18, 14:48

My project continues.
Im going to repaint the bottom of my boat.
Given it will be on a trailer and the condition of the paint.
Should I re-antifoul with a product that can handle drying out? Any suggestions?
Paint with a good quality 2 Pack Paint?

Also, should I do anything about the exposed fibreglassing?
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Re: Re-Antifoul or 2 Pack Paint

Post by Harb » Feb 5th, '18, 22:33

Is the exposed fiberglass due to sanding the osmosis bubbles ?

I'd remove all the paint back to fiberglass, give it 2-3 coats of epoxy resin to fix any osmosis and seal the exposed fiberglass, use some epoxy bog to fill up any holes then 2-3 coats of 2 pack epoxy primer followed by 2-3 coats of 2 pack polyurethane paint. Then if necessary put on a boot stripe to hide the joints between the new and old paint. Unless you intend to keep it in the water more then 3-4 weeks at a time you won't need antifouling.

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Re: Re-Antifoul or 2 Pack Paint

Post by Furstin » Feb 6th, '18, 07:47

Hi, I'd fill and fair, epoxy primer, then a coat of copper coat antifouling. Boat cote do one. You'll only need one tin, it will likely outlast you.

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