Single line reefing

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Re: Single line reefing

Post by pdandy » Jul 9th, '17, 15:45

Osprey wrote:Pdandy, sounds like you reef a similar way to me, what sort of system do you have that enables you to reef downwind?

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I have a twin line system at the moment but have been intending to go single line for the big reef - to be honest I don't use the first reef often.

Currently my leech line comes up from the boom to the reef point, back to a pulley at the tip of the boom, then forward to the mast / back to a clutch / winch. The luff just pulls straight down then back to a clutch / winch. My set up isn't ideal - the topping lift / main halyard clutches are on port and the reefing clutches are on stbrd - it means working from the companionway on both sides. It sounds messier that it is - vang off, topping lift on, drop halyard a bit and winch down the luff, then the leech, then tighten the halyard before releasing the topping lift / bringing the vang back on. Two seperate winch handles / a winch on either side - it's controlled and quick, all the lines are 6 mm spectra and the winches are little harken non self tailing toys (12???) - relatively small forces involved. I'm reasonably sure the clutches / hardware could cope with going to single - it's just that sailing is more fun than working on the boat......
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Re: Single line reefing

Post by zebedee » Jul 9th, '17, 16:27

On the subject of rope sizes, I set up my jib furler last summer, initially with 4mm polyester which had ample strength for the task.

Well, the rope was plenty strong enough, but pulling it hard with bare hands was another story and now I've got 8mm polyester because it's much easier on my hands and because the furling drum (intended for a bigger boat) is huge and has plenty of room for it.
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Re: Single line reefing

Post by Osprey » Jul 9th, '17, 16:32

^^ Thanks Pdandy, thats similar to what I am planning. Except both the reef lines and the halyard will be on the stb side with just one winch. The topper (or rather lazyjacks) and vang will be to port, but I can set them correctly before reefing, then adjust them afterwards. But do the bulk of the work from the starboard side. I am hoping I wont need to winch the clew down the whole way. I managed ok on my old 26 foot keeler with no winch, but a winch was essential on my 34 footer. If I need to use the winch to get the last few inches in that's no problem, as long as I can get it down most of the way by hand.

Having an unstayed mast should help, at least the sail won't plaster itself onto the shrouds.

The other way I have reefed a ketch's main downwind is to sheet it in until it is blanketed by the mizzen. Then snatch it down quickly before it gybes. It works if you have a good helmsman (or windvane/AP)that can keep the sail collapsed in the right spot while you get the clew down.

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