Who has bought sails from Asia/Indo ? ?

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Re: Who has bought sails from Asia/Indo ? ?

Post by Ken » Mar 26th, '18, 22:33

I have a main sail being made by Far East Sails, I checked out two Aussie sailmakers no response, Far East communication great, helped through the process, price seems good, just awaiting the finished product
Looking forward to see how it all goes.

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Re: Who has bought sails from Asia/Indo ? ?

Post by megawatt » Jul 21st, '18, 01:16

AZAmagnum wrote:Has anyone bought sails from Asia or Indo ?
Any feedback or suggestions ?
I don't want to enter into the escape spending argument please.

Ive contacted a couple of overseas lofts for quotes, but it seems they always flick me onto the Aussie distributor.
I want to deal directly with the sailmaker, not someone who is taking a cut for onsending it to me.

Sail will be a main for a ross780.
Loong Sails UK
Just make sure you measure your boat accurately. I used 3 rings and connected them in a triangle with single core electrical wire (no stretch) and hoisted top ring with halyard, attached each other ring to tack and sheet line. You can then adjust exactly where each ring will sit from the deck. Carefully lower and then layout on lawn and peg the the rings out tight using tent pegs. Get someone to help measure the distance between each of the load bearing points. Provide Micheal at Loong Sails the dimensions and get a quote. I have got 2 sails from him just recently and both are brilliantly made. Once you have sent your payment to their Hong Kong bank account the sail arrives on your doorstep literally before the local guy has read his tea leaves. Local guy quoted $1700 for my RFG and it cost me $700 landed at my doorstep with more fruit on it. It took about 8 days from go to whoa, nothing short of amazing.
Also instead of using a bank to transfer the money (they trade in USD) I used Transferwise to shift the money. They only charge about $10 and give you the going actual exchange rate. The transfer takes about 5 days and is the longest part of the process.
It really pays to do your homework first and remember to be very clear about what you want as it cost you about US$150 to send it back for any alterations.
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